Solenoid Valve


Our company Hawa Control International, a top quality solenoid valve manufacturer in Surat. We manufacture solenoid coils that are ATEX and CE certified, as well as flameproof, CCEO, and IS 3000 coils. Our solenoid valves are available in a variety of options to suit different applications. In addition to our Pilot operated solenoid valve and the Semi-lift solenoid valve, we also offer the Piston operated solenoid valve as well as the Union type solenoid valve.

Solenoid valves can be classified into two categories based on their power-saving properties. Normally open valves are energized to stop fluid flow, while normally closed valves are energized to open fluid flow. As per our clients’ requirements and needs, we offer a variety of customization options. This ability made us the number one Solenoid Valve supplier in Surat.

Our products are constructed with superior materials and use the latest technologies. The ISO guidelines are followed by us, so we are one of the well-established brands in the valve industry. We are the noble distributor of Solenoid valve in Surat.

Our in-house production facilities and quality control department allow us to maintain the highest standards of product quality. We employ engineers who make sure the end product is of the highest quality. To ensure that no errors or faults exist, each product is inspected by the inspection department. The product is only delivered to our valued customers after we have thoroughly tested its quality and functionality.

Our valves are known for their long durability, low maintenance costs, lightweight design, and compact size.